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UMich’s Facebook-based genomics project emulates 23andMe – except it’s free

Emulating the 23andMe model of spit-send-sequence, a new app called Genes for Good is soliciting Facebook users to send their genetic and phenotypic data to researchers at the University of Michigan. Like 23andMe, users get to learn about their ancestry. Unlike 23andMe, it’s free. The idea is to help expand genomics research at UMich: Users are solicited via Facebook to fill out questionnaires about their […]

Coming soon for healthcare? Brain-computer interface tech to help kids with cerebral palsy test better

One of the biggest challenges for people with neurological disabilities is that they are frequently more intelligent than their cognitive impairment suggests. The University of Michigan spinout, Neurable, has collaborated with Wearable Sensing on a brain-computer interface that taps into the cognitive process we use for making certain decisions to help children with cerebral palsy […]