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Tinder adds link to Healthvana for STD testing services

This was enough for the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation to call off its advocacy campaign against Tinder, which included a billboard linking the dating app to increases in STDs.

Healthvana STD

Dating app Tinder has made peace with an HIV/AIDS advocacy group by effectively endorsing Healthvana, a startup that delivers STD test results and follow-up information to patients via their mobile phones. Already, though, some are saying Tinder needs to do more to combat sexually transmitted diseases.

Tinder recently added a health safety page, with the following language:

Know your status. Some STDs don’t show symptoms. Regular testing is critical to staying on top of your health and helping prevent the spread of STDs. After testing, always ask for a copy of your test results so you are sure of your status. There are many free, quick and confidential testing options – find the best locations near you using Healthvana’s free HIV and STD testing locator.

This was enough for the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation to call off its advocacy campaign against Tinder, which included this billboard linking Tinder and gay men’s dating app Grindr to increases in STDs:

AHF tinder billboard

The ad’s appearance on billboards in L.A. and New York City last September caused Tinder to threaten legal action against the foundation. Now that they have made peace, the foundation said it would take the billboards down.

“An important aspect of any healthy relationship – whether formed on Tinder or otherwise – is ensuring sexual health and safety. We’d be delighted to see other major social networks follow in our footsteps in educating the public,” Jessica Carbino, Tinder’s lead sociologist, said in a joint press release.

Healthvana confirmed the news in a tweet.

At least one publication was unsatisfied with the message from Tinder. A Newsweek writer said, “good luck finding it.”

Indeed, the link on the Tinder website is not exactly front and center. According to Newsweek:

First, the STD locator on Tinder is just a link which takes anyone interested to health startup Healthvana’s website. And to get to the link, you needs to click on a tiny, gray “health safety” button on the bottom right in the Tinder homepage then scroll down to the end of the health safety webpage to the link.

On the mobile app, where Tinder really happens, you needs to click on the settings button on the top left, then click “help & support,” transfer over to a web browser, click on “health safety” and then scroll down to the STD locator link.

Photos: Healthvana, AIDS Health Foundation