Patient Engagement

Achieving ROI in patient engagement

Patient engagement is a hot topic in healthcare. But how can you quantify its value? At MedCity ENGAGE in San Diego, Memotext President Amos Adler took a deeper dive into the details.

Memotext President Amos Adler at MedCity ENGAGE

The healthcare sector spends so much time talking about patient engagement. But how can you quantify its value? How can the industry as a whole make use of all the consumer data that’s out there?

Amos Adler, president of Toronto-based Memotext, took a closer look at this topic at this year’s MedCity ENGAGE conference in San Diego.

One of the first key steps, he said, is defining the value perspective.

“We ask a number of interesting questions to figure out, ‘Why are we here in the first place?'” Adler noted. “If we want to deliver ROI, we have to define that ROI at the onset. It can mean many different things to many different people.”

Additionally, it’s crucial to nail down the timeline to ROI.

Before getting further into the value to the stakeholder, it’s also necessary to analyze the ROI to the patient. In essence, it boils down to determining the immediate value to the consumer so they can stay engaged.

With apps, for example, Adler said it’s “about integration and figuring out how to get this stuff to the right people at the right time in the right context.”

Memotext has numerous use cases regarding the success of this line of thinking. Co-commercialization is one area in which the company has seen success. It worked with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the largest hospital of its kind in Canada, on an app focused on predicting and ultimately reducing readmissions for behavioral health patients. It also teamed up with Massachusetts General Hospital on a family-specific pediatric ADHD intervention program.

Although patient engagement ebbs and flows, Memotext remains focused on its goal of making health data useful, both for the patient and the stakeholder.

As Adler concluded, “How can we use this stuff that’s around us to empower people to reach their goals and at the same time, improve the bottom line for stakeholders?”

Photo: Jill Fleming Photography