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Google teams up with key players in healthcare to advance medical imaging

Through newly announced relationships with companies like Change Healthcare and Dicom Systems, Google Cloud is strengthening its influence in the medical imaging space.

Six panels of an MRI scan.

Google Cloud is advancing its influence in medical imaging by joining forces with multiple health IT companies.

One such organization is Change Healthcare, which unveiled this week that it launched a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. By coupling the Nashville, Tennessee-based company’s imaging expertise with Google’s artificial intelligence technology, the two hope to equip providers with more data-driven insights.

In an attempt to better connect providers and enable them to share images, Change Healthcare is also utilizing Google Cloud’s G Suite to develop new solutions.

“In today’s dynamic healthcare industry, providers are looking for new ways to improve patient care,” Erkan Akyuz, Change Healthcare’s executive vice president and president for imaging, workflow and care solutions, said in a statement. “That is why Change Healthcare will be working with Google Cloud to introduce innovative technologies and solutions to address the challenges healthcare providers face both today and in the future.”

Campbell, California-based Dicom Systems has also announced a collaboration with Google Cloud.

With Google’s help, the health IT company will launch a hybrid cloud vendor neutral archive, de-identification and imaging data supply chain platform. Called the Universal Cloud Archive Adaptor, it is intended to simplify the cloud adoption process and make it easier for organizations to store images in the cloud.

“The Universal Cloud Archive Adaptor is the point of origin in a data supply chain that will serve the medical imaging research and development market,” Dmitriy Tochilnik, Dicom’s president and CTO, noted in a statement. “We believe this is how the imaging community should crowdsource for health data: by bringing customers to the frontline where they can innovate alongside us.”

In a recent blog post, Google Cloud Vice President of Healthcare Gregory Moore pointed to a number of other organizations that are leveraging the tech giant’s capabilities to move forward in the imaging field.

For example, Kanteron Systems is using Google Cloud’s AI as it seeks to help radiologists, surgeons and oncologists share patient data and have access to the proper clinical information. Others like Zebra Medical Vision are relying on Cloud Machine Learning Engine to help providers identify specific patient conditions.

“Medical imaging is a critical pillar of modern healthcare: It’s estimated that more than 300 million advanced imaging procedures are performed a year, and the majority of medical interventions require some type of imaging for diagnostic purposes,” Moore wrote in the post. “Next to genomics, medical images are one of the fastest growing data sources in the healthcare space.”

Photo: maciu17, Getty Images