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Some medical associations are backing away from Outcome Health

The revelation that some Outcome Health employees provided misleading advertising data to customers and a subsequent lawsuit from investors has prompted some medical societies that made deals with the company to back away from the company.

A businessman swings a sledgehammer at a land bridge connecting two cliffs as he tries to chip away at the metaphorical agreement represented by the bridge formed in the shape of a handshake.

The revelation that Outcome Health employees provided misleading advertising and performance data to customers has prompted a lawsuit by investors and now some medical societies that made deals with the company are backing away from the company.

Outcome Health supplies healthcare-related educational content to TV screens in physician practices’ offices. Its business model relies on advertisements around that content from businesses such as pharma companies.

The American Medical Association, American Epilepsy Society and CancerCare, a national organization that supports individuals diagnosed with cancer, have ended agreements to provide content, according to Fierce Healthcare.

An American Heart Association said the organization has no plans to renew its collaboration with the group, which is scheduled to end December 1.

Others, such as National Infusion Center Association, Harvard Health Publishing and the American Academy of Dermatology, are reviewing their agreements,  Fierce Healthcare reported.

AMA’s agreement revolved around a pilot program to raise awareness for prediabetes in screens and tablets in 1,000 physician offices in four states. Although it had ended in October, the plan was to continue running the content for free. But AMA told Fierce Healthcare that the unfavorable media reports on Outcome Health spurred the group to request AMA content be removed immediately.

For its part, an Outcome Health spokesman said in an email that “the vast majority” of content providers continued to work with the business and it was working to add more.

Outcome Health continues to partner with more than 100 medical associations and content partners to provide best-in-class health information that empowers patients and physicians to have more meaningful conversations during the critical moments of care.  We work with medical offices and health systems across the country to provide numerous tools including assessments, patient stories, 3D anatomical models, recipes for healthy living, treatment options and other educational content to help deliver better health outcomes and impact the human condition positively through technology. We continue to add to our robust library of health content, the largest of its kind, and expand our partnerships with world-class health and wellness organizations.”

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