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Philips, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center launch 10-year partnership

Philips will help Omaha, Nebraska-based Children’s Hospital & Medical Center with its technology innovation. The collaboration will focus on various areas, including diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring, clinical informatics and respiratory solutions.

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Amsterdam-based Philips and Omaha, Nebraska-based Children’s Hospital & Medical Center are embarking on a decade-long partnership aimed at advancing technology innovation.

As part of the collaboration, the organizations plan to find ways to lower the cost and improve the quality of pediatric care. Specifically, they will focus on technologies aimed at assisting with diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring, clinical informatics and respiratory solutions, among other areas.

Throughout the course of the partnership, Philips and Children’s will create a technology plan designed to give the hospital stability going forward. Additionally, Children’s will have access to Philips’ services in the realms of data analytics, health technologies and clinical education.

In a press release, Children’s President and CEO Richard Azizkhan commented on what the alliance will bring his institution:

Partnering with Philips will help Children’s continue to transform pediatric healthcare by leading in providing innovative, quality care. The partnership will help us deliver on our commitment to improve the life of every child by providing our staff with the clinical support tools and training that can drive a consistent patient experience, improve workflow throughout our network and help improve patient outcomes.

Brent Shafer, CEO of Philips North America, also noted:

Philips and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center share a common mission to improve children’s lives by transforming how care is delivered, enhancing the patient and staff experience and improving healthcare for the communities we serve. Partnering will allow us to understand how we can help them further break down data silos, giving their staff access to information that can help them improve their already impressive level of patient care.

This isn’t the first time Philips has paired up with a children’s hospital. In March, it unveiled a 15-year agreement with Phoenix Children’s Hospital focused on medical imaging, clinical informatics and patient monitoring.

The company has also been busy with its own endeavors, including plans to build a health technology center in Nashville, Tennessee.

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