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What’s in a name? Healthcare’s big potential disruptor will be called Haven

The Amazon-Berkshire-J.P. Morgan healthcare venture launched last year and headed up by Atul Gawande has a website and finally a name: Haven.

Reporters and healthcare stakeholders can breathe a sigh of relief that they won’t have to use “still-unnamed healthcare collaboration” or “Berkmorgazon” as a placeholder for the Boston-based healthcare organization launched by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan Chase last year.

In a statement today, the company announced that it would be named Haven and launched its new website which features a statement of purpose from CEO Atul Gawande.

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According to Gawande’s message, Haven is setting out to address the frustrating issues with quality, service and high costs faced by the organization’s member companies and employees.

Haven’s guiding principles as listed by Gawande include being an advocate for patients and an ally to those who are improving patient care and costs better, create new solutions and work to change barriers in the way of better healthcare and creating impact with an eye towards the long-term.

Some more specific targets listed by the company’s website include making primary care access easier, insurance benefits simpler and prescription drugs cheaper.

As an organization “free from profit-making incentives” Haven says it will reinvest any surplus back into its efforts to improve healthcare.

Since it’s launch last January, Haven has been largely mum about its overarching plans and ambitions in healthcare other than building out its executive team starting with announcement of Gawande as CEO last summer.

A peek into the company’s plans resulted from a legal spat with Optum over the hiring of a former Optum executive. During his testimony Haven COO Jack Stoddard said its is currently focused on gathering data and researching the levers that drive costs and prices in healthcare.

“What data do we have, what insights can we glean from that data around cost and quality of care so that we can help then make that available as we think about helping patients choose doctors that are going to help them get better outcomes on the quality side at the best price,” Stoddard said.

Other top leaders listed by Haven include Serkan Kutan (formerly of ZocDoc) as CTO and experienced insurance executive Dana Safran as head of measurement, Liam Brenner as head of finance and Mary Jane Favazza as the organization’s general manager.

The company is also hiring for a variety of roles at its Boston headquarters and its New York office. Haven’s board is made up of Todd Combs from Berkshire Hawthway, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Amazon SVP of Human Resources Beth Galetti and Gawande.

“We’ll start small, learn from the experience of patients, and continue to expand to meet their needs,” Gawande said in a statement.

“The good news is the best results are not the most complicated or expensive. The right care in the right place is often more effective and less costly than what we get today.”

So why Haven?

“It reflects our goal to be a partner to individuals and families and help them get the care they need, while also working with clinicians and others to make the overall system better for all,” the website reads.

Picture: Lisa Lake, Getty Images