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Amwell builds on partnership with remote medical exam startup TytoCare

Amwell expanded its partnership with Tyto Care, a startup that makes connected exam kits for telehealth visits. The companies will design new integrations of their technologies, and Amwell will become a reseller of Tyto Care’s devices.

TytoCare’s TytoHome kit includes a connected otoscope among other things

A surprising amount can be accomplished in a telehealth visit, but the system still has its limitations. Patients might be able to take their own temperature, but some  practices, such as listening to their heartbeat or checking for an ear infection, become more difficult at home.

Four years ago, telehealth company Amwell began working with an Israeli startup called TytoCare that provides connected tools for patients to conduct their own self-exams guided by a clinician remotely. Now, Amwell is deepening that partnership.

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The company makes an FDA-cleared device with attachments including a stethoscope, otoscope and tongue depressor.

Through the expanded partnership, the companies will work together on exclusive integrations and tools to make it easier for providers to examine patients virtually. Amwell will also become a reseller of TytoCare’s devices, bundled with its livestream integration. The home exam kits currently sell for about $250, according to TytoCare’s website.

“As Covid-19 wages on and more patients and providers adopt telehealth, it’s critical that we accelerate the depth of care that can be provided in the home – to keep patients and providers safe,” Amwell President and CEO Roy Schoenberg said in a news release. “Our latest integration with TytoCare will allow providers to clinically come closer than ever before to patients during telehealth encounters, allowing them to see, interact, examine and deliver care in ways that growingly resemble in-person care.”

Photo credit: TytoCare