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Doctor-patient relationship status: “It’s complicated”

Granted, Valentine’s Day isn’t usually about celebrating patient-doctor relationships, it is interesting to look at what qualities and factors leave a patient more or less satisfied with the connection. Turns out, it’s mostly less. According to a recent Vitals Index, cost is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a doctor. Whether or not […]

Twitter debate: Which is better – patient portals or calling the nurse?

During the Reaching the Unreachables panel Tuesday at ENGAGE, Dr. Steve North described the challenges of working in a rural setting – specifically Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Spruce Pine is in western tip of the state squeezed between the Pisgah National Forest and the Cherokee National Forest in the Great Smoky Mountains. “I have an […]

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I’m sorry for your loss

In Law and Order re-runs after some tragedy has occurred, prior to grilling the victim’s family the police officer quickly states the obligatory phrase, “I’m sorry for your loss.” It is sterile, meaningless, and as heartfelt as the streaming digital “Thank you” at the automated gas pump. Fortunately, genuine compassion has been given another reprieve. […]