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Technology as a Cure: Alleviating Clinician Burnout, Empowering Pharmacists to Fill Care Gaps This Cold and Flu Season

In 61% of counties with a PCP shortage, there is a high volume of retail pharmacies. It reveals an opportunity for pharmacists, who have the education and training, and are already providing vaccinations, tests and frontline treatments to amplify the impact they can have on providing accessible care in the communities they serve.

Say farewell to that pharmacy technician job

If a new experiment using robots is successful in England at Leicester hospitals, pharmacy technician jobs could soon be a thing of the past. An Italian company, Ingegneria Biomedica Santa Lucia, is running a nine-month trial with new robot technology that will sort and dispense drugs for patients. Leicester Mercury explained how it will work: […]


The case for medication therapy management: A win-win-win solution

As the healthcare landscape continues to move toward team-based care, pharmacists are playing a significant role in improving patient outcomes. One of the most important ways pharmacists can take an active role is by providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Uncovering the benefits For patients, a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) conducted during an MTM consultation provides […]